vijay April 11, 2018
VB Stuff: In our busy schedule we ignore some interesting technical stuff, So today I am so excited to say that we can find out our Laptop or PC is male or female.
             Shocking??? But it is possible. How to know us that is my laptop or PC male or female. I have listed below steps to find out your laptop or PC is male or female.
1. Click on the start button on laptop or PC.
2. Type notepad and open it.
3. Type below command in notepad
CreateObject(“SAPI.SpVoice”).Speak “I Like You”
4. Save notepad file .vbs
For Example gender.vbs
5. After saving it, close the notepad and open gender.vbs file.
6. You will able to hear the voice from your laptop or PC
7. If voice came from laptop or PC of Male then you can understand your laptop or PC is Male
8. If voice came from your laptop or PC of Female then you can understand your laptop or PC is Female.
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